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Our Mission
The Emmanuel Kanu Educational Foundation (EKEF) is committed to enhancing the quality of education by providing training for teachers and making available scholarships for Nigerian students in various institutions. We position ourselves as an effective mentoring organization in an effort to contribute to the development of future leaders and contributors in our immediate community. Through the years, we have seen the demand for assistance increase, needing a more systematic approach to adequately reduce the financial barriers for students.

Unique Commitment

We believe that every child deserve quality education – this has being the driving force of this foundation. We are non-discriminatory, not for profit, non-political, non-cultural and non-religious organization working tirelessly to provide financial support to every child who we find in need of a sponsor to acquire qualitative education for a sustainable future.

We are committed to breeding globally relevant learners by helping them see the world through a different lens irrespective of their social status – give hope and creating a bridge to a dream future and inspire them to walk it.

Tributes to Sir. Emmanuel Nwafor Kanu

In every aspect of life you were excellent.You were caring, considerate and straight forward.You were very much interested in human development that you did not fail to help anyone who was interested in education.You were very generous and helped many who were in need without any form of discrimination. No wonder you were honored with the title OCHENDO 1.

Mrs. Cecilia Emmanuel Nwafor Kanu

I remember all you have done for me, all the times you were by my side; to understand my problems and burden unsaid;to help and support me;to celebratemy successes and accept my defeat. And I thank you Dad for instilling in me and my siblings the value of hard work, good judgment, courage and integrity; for the sacrifice you made to let me think and have the best. Thank you my extra-ordinary strategist.

Ada Mazi, NneniaAchor

I recall with nostalgia your words in my teen;“ask me anything and I shall provide you an answer, for being educated does not mean having all knowledge, but consists in knowing where to find answers.” Really, you provided answers to the questions of many that passed through you;an encyclopedia of live-lessons you were.

Emmanuel Uchenna Kanu

Up until a few weeks into your transition,you helped me review my articles,and you were always happy to read what I write.You were always the happiest about any good news I shared and always the first to share the news with family and friends. In spite of your great love (and also because of this love),you were strict;you knew when to give us sticks and when to give us carrots.

Chiugo Kanu

Daddy you were the mirror at which I looked at my life,the mirror at which I looked at myself and now that you are gone, my life is so empty that I feel it in my soul.My solace is in the fact that you lived a righteous life. Every moments of your life is like a book on a path towards heavenly bliss

Chiemeka kanu

You taught me what the true measure of a man is.You taught me that the true measure of a man is how much love he gives;how selflessly he shares whatever he can to help others;how consistently he lifts up those around him.You taught me that the only possession that a man has is the love that he has shared.You taught me to love even when it no longer makes sense.You taught me the value of hard work, courage and integrity.

Ikechukwu Anthony Kanu

Let's Transfer the Human Development Legacies of Great Sir. Emmanuel N. Kanu to the Next Generation

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