Illiteracy and ignorance are two most important causes of poverty, resulting in hunger and disease, which when properly address, will go a long way in resolving the ultimate human needs and quest which include, food, shelter and clothing as well as bringing a drastic reduction to the level of violence and crimes in a society.

Illiteracy and ignorance can only be resolve through education – which simply means the act of teaching knowledge to others and receiving knowledge from someone else. Even though education seem to solve quite a number of issues, poverty is one problem that disrupt the acquisition of education, preventing quite a number of people from achieving it, especially in developing and under developed countries.

Education have to take a central place in our charitable activities and interventions, to help reduce or eradicate the resultant effects including poverty, hunger and disease.

Importance of Charity in Education

Charity is defined as giving resources like time and money without expecting anything in return. Education charities in developing countries typically aim to increase the time that children spend in education institutions including primary, secondary, and tertiary by making provision for everything necessary for education to take place.

Educational charity addresses the Improvement of the quality of teaching that children receive by building schools, tutoring outside the classroom, improving literacy, incentivizing attendance, and providing supplies and technology. The importance of education charity can’t be over emphasized and include but not limited to the list below:

  1. Education Charity improve the literacy level of a community.
  2. An educated community will enjoy growth and improvement of their life style
  3. Education Charity give the less privilege the power to make wealth.
  4. Education pave a way for people to leave above poverty because of the numerous opportunities available to an educated person, which can be made possible by the act of charity.
  5. Education charity gives power to the next generation to dream and to see their dreams being fulfilled.


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